We are a Digital Marketing Agency that works with companies to build and grow their business online

Complete Audit

Gain understanding of how your website ranks among competition, what your current campaigns are delivering and what you can improve to help give you a better return

Strategy, Goals & Objectives

Develop an online strategy, set measurable goals and objectives based on opportunities to raise your company profile and maximise efficiency for your marketing budget.

Create Content

Creating relevant content for visitors to quickly engage, ensuring they understand your business’ offering and that it encourages them to take an action on your website.

Think Beyond

Your Digital Perception is Reality

Free Digital Marketing Audit

Talk to us on how best ensure your website is fully optimised for Search, Display, Social and Mobile

About Us

We’re a business that builds long term successful relationships with our clients. We help our clients grow and succeed by taking the time to understand their business and objectives. We don’t use jargon, we understand that every client is different and we are flexible in how we work with you. We are analytically driven, we make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. 

Targeting With Accuracy

Accredited by Google, we have access to real-time profile information, giving us greater insight to where your audience is located, their buying habits and when they make key decisions. Ensuring your campaigns are specifically targeted for maximum return.

More Rankings

More Traffic

More Conversions

Increased traffic is a positive, but the real key is conversion. At SQC Digital we will ensure that your online audience can easily find both mobile and desktop and begin to engage. By tracking every interaction, we will perfect your online campaigns. 


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With the Internet reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information. Let us ensure your business shows up when potential clients are searching for your product or services.