Digital Strategy

Right Time. Right Platform. Right Audience.

Powered By Creativity

What Are Your Goals?

We will run through a simple qualifying process and produce digital strategy road map, so you can clearly see what we plan to achieve and how we will achieve it.

Whatever your goals are, we will help accomplish them by creating targeted campaigns tailored for the right audience, the right time and the right platforms.

Why You?

  The most important question we ask is ‘why would somebody buy from you?’. We challenge our clients to take a fresh look at their business and competitors to focus in on what makes their product or service different – using the results to create digital marketing campaigns that really deliver.


In the highly competitive hotel industry, we sat down with our client to deliver a campaign that increased bookings in a short period. Rather than simply run a standard campaign and get standard results, we worked with our client’s marketing team to understand what made their offer unique, how it compared to their competition and how competitive their price was. We then built our campaign using those findings – an approach which delivered a 190% increase in bookings.

The Sales Process

During the first stages of our projects, we often find that we’re making recommendations about not only the digital marketing campaign, but also our clients sales processes. For a campaign to deliver the best results, every stage of the process must be optimised, so we encourage our clients to analyse what they’re doing currently and explore areas in which they could make improvements. We invest this time at the start to make sure that our clients get great value for money and maximise the money spent on their campaign.

Why SQC Digital?

The ultimate goal of any digital marketing campaign is to increase sales and brand awareness. With a background in sales, we bring a different perspective to the standard agency approach by reversing the traditional campaign process and working back from your customer’s perspective, putting ourselves in the mind of prospective buyers. 

We understand that sales and marketing must work well together and we approach our clients’ campaigns with a sales-focused mindset. We ask the right questions to identify how to maximise the success of your campaign.