Marketing in the Metaverse

What is Metaverse Marketing?

Metaverse marketing, advertising a business’ services/product or brand through a variety of available digital spaces. Brands allow their consumers to customise avatars, socialise, game, and purchase both real life and in-game products.


The Metaverse is made up of multiple digital spaces in which users immerse and interact with each other and the environment. With the Metaverse market predicted to exceed £600 billion by 2024, it’s not leaving any time soon and now’s the perfect time to get ahead of the game.


Building on features like data decentralisation, artificial intelligence, Virtual 3D graphics, growing connectivity and ubiquity, its crucial your brand is finding new ways to communicate with users, tailor your marketing approach to better suit and supply your target audience.



Generate newfound awareness for your brand with immersive and digital experiences

Engage with your target
audiences in a virtual landscape

Pursue innovation through the newest forms of exposure, become a market disruptor!

Stepping Inside The Metaverse Ecosystem

Immersive Ad Benefits

      Reduces Language Barrier

      Customise a simulation that fits every customer

      Offers Engagement

     Inspires loyalty, captures attention

       Better Engagement Rate

      Leading to a better conversion rate

      Easily Introduces Products 

      Enables users to consume your content alongside an emotional response

Five Ways to Advertise on the Metaverse

1. Ad Placement

Think billboards, signage, and posters except in the Metaverse. 

2. Product Placements

Brands can place their product in the Metaverse for the user to experience similar to real life.

3. Experience Placements

Players can enter and explore a brand created environment and use real money to purchase real life products, in-game merchandise, and so on.

4. Event Placements

Create/Hire a platform to host an event within the Metaverse to bring in traffic and boost brand awareness.

5. Owned Metaverse

Create your own Metaverse to serve your unique objectives. Tell a story, Host a conference. Build and share an experience.

What We Can Offer

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